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celebrating the people, produce & stories within contemporary UK food culture —
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celebrating the people, produce & stories within contemporary UK food culture —
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Join us for the first in our new panel discussion series 'Food & —', with all proceeds from this edition donated to aid Palestine.
Browse our seasonal edit of recipes from some of the UK’s best food writers, cookbooks & independent restaurants — all in one place.
Safia Shakarchi — 2022
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— another pantry is a recipe platform & online resource that celebrates the UK food industry, from writers and creators, to producers and makers. we share recipes & stories in a way that encourages a mindful, conscious and curious attitude to food.

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recipes for the week

beautiful, seasonal & simple recipes from the UK food community to enjoy through spring

at the table with —

fadi kattan: franco-palestinian chef

One of foods greatest powers is its ability to humanise, to elevate the beauty of cultures under threat. Recipes keep cuisines and cultures alive, passed down through generations, between families and friends, at home and in the diaspora. Franco-Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan has made documenting and championing the recipes of his homeland, Palestine, his raison d’être. In his debut cookbook, Bethlehem, he tells the stories of the ingredients, the dishes and the artisans that make Palestinian cuisine what it is. The act of recreating these dishes yourself is not to be taken lightly, but rather can be seen as a form of activism in itself.

cook with the seasons: spring

Longer, brighter days bring with them beautiful fresh, crisp produce. We’ve got recipes to take you from those chillier starts to the first sightings of summer.
Ed Schofield — Osip 2020

the restaurants

Click to cook recipes from some of our favourite chefs and restaurants across the country, including ARAN Bakery up in Scotland, Osip in Somerset and London’s Jikoni & Quo Vadis.

baking days —

sweeten up the season

Browse our collection of cakes, brownies, cookies and other sweet treats to keep you warm this season. Whether you’re whiling away a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen with the oven on, or need a quick sweet pick-me-up, we’ve got the recipes to sweeten things up a little.

Maria Bell — 2017

meet the creatives

meet the contributors

Lizzie Mayson & Frankie Unsworth — Daylesford, 2018

— food: seasonal, slow, conscious.


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