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a contemporary recipe website that allows us to learn the joys of cooking slowly and seasonally, to consider where our food comes from, and to discover the people & stories behind the food we eat

Another Pantry is a recipe platform that celebrates contemporary food culture. We’re building a collection of recipes from the UK food community in a way that champions seasonalslow and conscious cooking.

The idea that was born when the pandemic hit in 2020, when the pace of life changed and so many of us turned to the kitchen for comfort. We learned that we have an unusually strong love for banana bread, and we suddenly had time to master the art of sourdough. We watched the seasons change, found a new appreciation for the ingredients we were cooking with, and became mindful of waste. Tips, tricks and recipes from newsletters, instagram feeds, cookbooks, blogs and restaurants kept us inspired, excited to try new things in the kitchen.

So the thought came to bring those recipes together into one place online. To create a contemporary recipe website that allows us to learn the joys of cooking slowly and seasonally for ourselves and our planet, to consider where our food comes from, and to discover the people, cultures, stories and creative processes behind the food we eat.

We’ll release four seasonal recipe edits throughout the year. Our collection is starting small but we hope it will continue to grow with each season. In slowing down the pace, we hope to encourage mindfulness in what we consume both on our plates and on our screens, to inspire you to keep falling in love with your kitchen, and to support our food industry whether you’re dining in, or out.

our founder

— Another Pantry was founded by Safia Shakarchi.

A pastry chef turned food writer & photographer, Safia has spent the last 7 years working in and cultivating a love for the UK food industry. She has worked with bakeries, restaurants and brands such as Pophams, The Good Egg, Wild By Tart and Gunpowder, Good & Proper Tea and Caffeine.

Years of collaborating with like-minded writers, recipe developers, chefs, photographers, stylists, producers and small business owners taught her that those incredible people were the beating heart of the industry.

She has launched Another Pantry in an effort to bridge the gap between the food industry and the home cook, and to bring the revolutionary changes to our food system within our industry into our homes. She wanted to create a space to celebrate food, design & community and to discover emerging talent alongside existing talent, a place that sees the impact that food has on our mind, body, community and planet.

our community

Lizzie Mayson

— Another Pantry would be nothing without its community of writers, cooks, bakers, stylists, photographers, restaurants, makers & creators. Find out more about them here.

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