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a contemporary recipe website that allows us to learn the joys of cooking slowly and seasonally, to consider where our food comes from, and to discover the people & stories behind the food we eat

Another Pantry is a recipe platform that encourages a conscious, mindful and curious attitude to contemporary food culture. We celebrate the people, produce and stories behind the food on our plate and hope that through a collective love of eating, we can create positive change on a social, cultural and environmental level.

The idea that was born when the pandemic hit in 2020, when the pace of life changed and so many of us turned to the kitchen for comfort. We watched the seasons change, found a new appreciation for the ingredients we were cooking with, became mindful of the precarity of our supply chains and the wider food system. We came together as a community and shared tips for reducing food waste, we invited one another into our cultures and traditions, and we began to value the currency of food differently.

So the thought came to create a space online to encourage us to hold onto that. To continue to build a food-based community and come together to learn the joys of cooking slowly and seasonally for ourselves and our planet, to consider provenance and where our food comes from, and to discover the people, cultures, stories and creative processes behind the food we eat.

Through recipes, stories and events, we hope to encourage mindfulness in what we consume both on our plates and on our screens, to inspire understanding and learning about the intricacies of our rich, diverse contemporary food industry and its history, and to ultimately to advocate for positive change.

our founder

— Another Pantry was founded by Safia Shakarchi.

Safia is a British Iraqi photographer, artist, writer, baker & storyteller with a love for exploring the world through food, words and art. Working across a range of disciplines, her interests lie in exploring community, connection and provenance of both food and self.

She approaches her visual work with a considered eye, a focus on the beauty in simplicity and a curiosity for the fleeting moments that connect us. Beginning her career as a pastry chef, in the kitchen she continues to explore her ‘somewhere-in-the-middle’ identity forged as an Arab growing up in London.

Having spent almost a decade working within the UK food industry, she saw firsthand the gap in knowledge between consumer and industry, and sought to create a space that makes the complex cultural, social and environmental concerns that food brings more accessible to a wider audience. She wanted to create a space to celebrate food, design & community, to discover the people and stories behind the food we eat, and to shine a light on the impact that food has on our mind, body, community and planet.

To discover more about Safia click here.

our community

Lizzie Mayson

— Another Pantry would be nothing without its community of writers, cooks, bakers, stylists, photographers, restaurants, makers & creators. Find out more about them here.

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