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Strawberry Galette

Safia Shakarchi — 2022

Is there anything more pleasing than a juicy British strawberry eaten on a hot day in the summer? Here’s a super easy strawberry galette recipe to bring you some sunshine, even if it’s during a wet or grey summer weekend. This couldn’t be easier to make and is a glorious celebration of the perfect, fragrant n’ juicy strawberry flavour.

Serves: 6-8

Season: Summer

Prep time: 10 mins + 30 mins chilling
Cook time: 45-50 mins

Photography & styling: Safia Shakarchi


For the pastry
120g unsalted butter, cut into cubes
170g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
1 tbsp caster sugar
3 tbsp polenta
2 eggs

For the filling
600g strawberries, hulled and sliced into 3-4 pieces
Zest of 1/2 unwaxed lemon
4 tbsp demerara
2 tsp cornflour or plain flour


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C/160°C fan/Gas Mark 4.

  2. Make the pastry first. Pop half the butter into a bowl with the flour, caster sugar, 2 tablespoons of polenta, and a pinch of salt (or you can also do this in a food processor) and rub together to make breadcrumbs. Rub in the rest of the butter, stopping when it’s the size of peas. Break in one egg and bring the dough together into a ball with your hands. Tip onto a work surface and knead for a moment until smooth. Flatten into a disc, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 mins.

  3. Put the strawberries in a bowl and zest in the lemon, toss through 2 tablespoons of demerara and then the cornflour. Roll out the pastry into a 30cm circle on a piece of baking paper. Transfer to a baking tray. Sprinkle the pastry with the remaining 1 tablespoon of polenta, then pile the strawberries in the centre, leaving a border about 3cm clear around the edge, scoring it lightly makes it easier.

  4. Fold the pastry over the strawberries, crimping it a little and creating a solid rim to create a dam for the juices. Brush the edge with the egg, and scatter the remaining demerara over the pastry and strawberries. Bake for 45-50 mins until golden brown, don’t worry if the juices spill over the side a little. Leave to cool for before serving with cream.

— about the author

Georgia Levy is a recipe developer, food writer and consultant whose upbringing in rural Oxfordshire revolved around two questions: what are you reading, and what’s for dinner? With a mother determined to grow her own and a seasoned food writer for a father, pursuing the union between food and words was Georgia’s natural calling. Her cooking is exactly what you want to be doing in your kitchen, with good, seasonal, simple recipes. Her first cookbook, Let’s Do Lunch, will be published in September 2022.


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