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Arbroath Smokies, Sea Purslane, Green Beans & Potatoes

Elena Heatherwick — Cooking, 2022

Serves: 6
Time: 15 minutes

Photography: Elena Heatherwick


4 Arbroath smokies (or 600g smoked haddock)
40g unsalted butter
750g cooked new potatoes, such as Jersey, Ayrshire or Cornish
300g green beans, cooked
10–15g sea purslane


  1. Remove the skin from the fish. Carefully lift away the smoked flesh, and remove any bones. Place the flakes of haddock in a widebottomed pan with 100ml of water and the butter. Lightly season with salt and pepper. Cover the pan and place over a gentle heat to warm through, with only the gentlest movement to keep the haddock from breaking up.

  2. Cut the potatoes into 6–8mm-thick slices and lay them on the fish in the pan. Add the cooked beans. Strew with the picked sea purslane leaves. Cover and simmer a further 2–3 minutes. Serve in bowls.

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We would expect no less from head chef of Soho’s Quo Vadis, Jeremy Lee, than a book full of stories, musings, wit and delicious home cooking. It’s as entertaining as it is a handbook for the kitchen, and a modern classic that is worth having on your shelf.

— about the author

Originally from Dundee, Scotland, Jeremy Lee is Chef Proprietor of the Soho institution Quo Vadis. Coming from a family with home cooking at its core, Jeremy was taught the mysteries of finding good produce through good shopping. Having been brought up in this way, Jeremy applies this to his cooking still today – it is bright, fresh and quintessentially British in a manner most modern.

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