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Based in London and Barcelona, Rye is a creative food and design studio specialising in thoughtful imagery and content for brands across the food, travel and lifestyle worlds. Founded by Holly Wulff-Petersen, a chef, food stylist and natural light photographer, Rye’s recognisable style is subtle, minimalist and Scandinavian in feel.

Gina was born and raised in London, and thanks to her parents, has always had a strong appreciation for food and travel. She started documenting her travels and foodie adventures whilst studying at Cambridge. In her spare time, Gina is always trying out new restaurants in the city, or jumping on a train to explore the rest of the UK on weekends.


Milly Kenny-Ryder is a freelance travel writer and food photographer in London. She is the editor of and she writes travel guides with her company Weekend Journals. Milly offers bespoke social media consultancy and unique content creation for brands wishing to grow their online presence.


— the pantry post.

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