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Jemima Jones

& Lucy Carr-Ellison

Lucy & Jemima first met in 2010 whilst working in the fashion industry in New York. They bonded over their passion for cooking and moved back to London to start their successful catering company, Tart, quickly becoming one of the capital’s most sought-after and trusted caterers, with loyal clients including Versace, Stella McCartney and Vogue Magazine.

With ambitious dreams to open a restaurant in the future, they started with a two-month pop-up, Tart’s Kitchen at Queen’s Park, in collaboration with Wedgewood. They also ran supper clubs, and their food showcased the best ingredients at the peak of the season, using produce from their respective family farms in Northumberland and Somerset.

They published their debut cookbook A Love of Eating in 2018, and after several years of searching for the perfect site, the inimitable pair launched the neighbourhood restaurant, Wild by Tart in Spring 2019.


Jemima Jones on another pantry

— the pantry post.

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