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Laura Edwards — 2019

After the Scottish Gaelic word meaning bread or loaf, Aran is the artisan bakery tucked away up in the Scottish Highlands and founded by baker and food writer Flora Shedden. Flora’s sourdough bread, cakes, tarts, cookies and savoury lunches keep the local residents of her hometown Dunkeld well fed and watered with great coffee. Understandably it also attracts a fair few admirers and travellers from afar.

Flora’s bakes are simple, seasonal and always beautiful — think cakes decorated with fresh local flowers, tarts topped with thinly sliced fruit and macarons laced with a shimmer of gold leaf. Having recently opened her specialty grocery store Lón just next door, Flora’s little businesses give you reason to head up and explore her pocket of the Scottish Highlands with coffee and pastry in hand.

Aran on another pantry

— the pantry post.

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