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Yoko Nakada is the Founder of Makes Miso Hungry, an authentic premium Japanese recipe box business. Japanese food is loved by so many people but it’s intimidating to cook at home so she’s on a mission to make it easy and accessible.
Yoko’s love for Japanese cooking started decades ago when she’d help her mama and obachan (grandma) make dinner for the family. Both brilliant cooks, Yoko has learnt so many family recipes which she shares both in her recipe boxes, her blog and social media. Eating seasonally is at the heart of Japanese cooking which makes her food a great fit to the Another Pantry community!
After leaving her career as a lawyer for 10 years behind to fully focus on her business, Yoko has collaborated with the likes of Michelin starred chef Endo Kazutoshi, Chocolatier Kae Shibata and Japanese baker, Megumi Takeyama; most recently she ran an online #cookforukraine gyoza-making class as well as a yakitori masterclass with MasterChef Professional finalist Philli Armitage-Mattin at Nomadic Dinners.
Makes Miso Hungry has also recently launched a range of Japanese sauces too so follow her to find our more and to learn something new by cooking Yoko’s recipes below.

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