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Liz Seabrook — The Female Chef — 2021

Having spent her childhood immersed in the flavours of Brazil, Mexico and Italy, there was no doubt that Ixta’s own cooking was going to be a celebration of the three. Although she only fell into cooking professionally in her twenties, Ixta quickly found a home working in the kitchen’s at Ottolenghi, working her way up to the test kitchen and soon after, co-writing one of Ottolenghi’s most revered books, Flavour.

Ixta’s food is bold, flavourful and ‘fusion’ in a way so unique to her — she’s undoubtedly created a signature style of cooking pretty early on in her career. Since leaving left her role at Ottolenghi, she has also been working on her own debut book Mezcla, which was released in July 2022.

Ixta’s first recipe contribution to Another Pantry has come through her feature in Clare Finney’s book The Female Chef, charting and exploring the experience of 31 female cooks and chefs that have changed up the UK food industry in recent years.


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