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Matt Oaten — 2021

El is one of the cooks we turn to most for following the seasons, always making the most of beautiful, vibrant and flavourful locally grown produce. A keen forager, her cooking also celebrates what we can find around us throughout the year — always inspiring us on what to we should be doing with wild garlic, elderflower, rosehips, brambles and so much more. El loves the connection between nature and food and it’s evident in the food she cooks.

Having started up East London catering company Kemp Kitchen in 2017, she continues to run it day to day from her studio in Cambridge Heath, as well as cooking for retreats, brand events, shoots and workshops. Over the pandemic, she gave her time to cook meals for those in need, delivered by bike. These days you’ll also see her food styling for some of the industry’s best, including Flora Shedden and Thomasina Miers’ upcoming cookbooks, as well as testing recipes for the likes of Anna Jones.

To bring her love of food, nature and her home together, every summer El runs retreats in the West Country where she is from, cooking local seasonal produce over fire. Follow her to find out more, and cook her recipes below.


— the pantry post.

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