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Olivia Cavalli Williamson

Olivia Cavalli-Williamson is a freelance chef, food stylist and writer. Her mother’s family is from Emilia Romagna and from a young age, together with her siblings & cousins, she was surrounded by Italian food traditions. She first learnt to make pasta from her Nonna who would watch over like a hawk until she got it just right. She has since cooked in professional kitchens in Italy, worked with the wonderful Pasta Grannies and travelled the country extensively, enabling her to understand the never-ending regional specialities of Italian cuisine and inspired my own cooking enormously.

At home, in London, she began her career at The Telegraph where her writing, recipes and photography were published. She later made the move to the kitchen, working in restaurants including Carousel, Pophams and Social Pantry and catering various events. She has experience food styling for editorial, advertorial and cookbook shoots as well as working with brands to develop and photograph bespoke recipes.

She is currently focusing on teaching cooking classes and running her supper clubs, and recently undertook the chef residency programme at Villa Lena in Tuscany.

Olivia Cavalli Williamson

Mushroom Frittata

Olivia Cavalli Williamson

Ricotta Gnocchi

Olivia Cavalli Williamson

Cavolo Nero Orzo

Olivia Cavalli Williamson

Pasta e Fagoli

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